November Stress Awareness Day!

There are many stress factors in our lives (pressure, fights, overworking etc.) and we all have stressful days, it's a normal part of life. But being overwhelmed by it can cause many side effects. Stress is a way in which your body reacts when these factors hit us. How is this related to electrolysis?  Well, stress … Continue reading November Stress Awareness Day!


Unwanted Hair Affects Your Confidence Too!

Have you had one of those dreams, where you wake up in the morning, leave for work, and suddenly realize you are still wearing your PJ’s or worse, your “birthday suit”? If that were to happen to you for real, wouldn’t you feel insecure or embarrassed, wanting to leave or disappear from the face of … Continue reading Unwanted Hair Affects Your Confidence Too!


Musculoskeletal disorders or MSDs for short, are very common conditions associated with any injury, damage or pain affecting your muscles, bones, and joints. These conditions might also develop due to work, stress and lack of activity (related to sitting habits or work). The risk of developing them increases with age. How severe this can be, … Continue reading MUSCULOSKELETAL DISORDER: Big Word Little Issues

Furless Featured In VELVET Magazine!

Furless has yet again achieved another great milestone since its grand launch at the beginning of this year. With our newest magazine feature in October’s issue of one of UAE’s most coveted fashion, beauty and lifestyle magazines. Along other topics, this article will be touching upon our center’s services, development and future plans (Furless-Gents). We … Continue reading Furless Featured In VELVET Magazine!